Tough Week

Tough week is an understatement.  And my eating has reflected it.  I was sick and had some personal things going on at home plus work has been stressful, so overall it’s just been a mess.  I realized that in all this stress I still turn to food.  Now, I didn’t expect it to be completely changed by now, but I had hoped I had some more control over it and I slipped.  Food was my friend and yet now I hate it again.  I crave sweets, cookies has been my weakness this week.  I knew it was bad when I was eating a dozen cookies in secret.  Well, I thought that I screwed up, but I can get back on plan….that didn’t work.  I’ve been off plan for a few days now eating cookies and cake, I keep saying tomorrow I’ll get back on and yet I sit here eating crap still and feeling bad about it.  I just can’t stop….the sugar calls me.

I went grocery shopping tonight and made sure to have things in the house that I can easily make or eat that will help me stay on plan.  I am going to prepare my lunch tonight so that I can just grab it in the morning to make things simple and so that I don’t have to try and go out and buy lunch.

Overall, I think I handled things ok in the end, except for the eating portion, but it’s alright, it can be fixed and I can continue on!

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2 Responses to Tough Week

  1. DeeDeeBee says:

    like Dora from Finding Nemo says… “just keep swimming” 🙂 sorry about your tough week. hope you’re feeling better soon.

  2. Hang in there girl! You’ve come so far, don’t let a lil hiccup set you back 🙂

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