Whoa…Another Post!

Yep, I’m on a roll today with posts and a guest blog!  So exciting.

Well today I started a 2-day plateau breaker and day 1 was a success!  Wait, actually I think that I still have food to eat and it’s already 9pm…..I’d better check.  LOL

Anyways, I’ve been fluctuating the same few pounds up and down for a bit and I hope this breaker will push me over the 50 pound mark (or atleast AT the 50 pound mark!).

This post is going to be really random and short blurbs because I’m feeling goofy tonight and can’t keep my thoughts in one place.

As you seen (or should see soon) I need to go through my closet, seriously.  My clothes are just too big and I feel icky in them, so I choose not to wear them.  I need to just get rid of them!  Maybe that will be a project for this weekend 🙂

I have soooo much energy today, it’s just craziness!  I get goofy at times and it’s hilarious, mostly I crack myself up!

So we’re doing this “Biggest Loser” challenge at work in teams and today I felt like emailing my team.  I was cheerleading us all on and hoping to get some smiles out of them, from what I heard, it worked.  Yipppeee Go Me!

Ok, I’m too weird tonight.  It feels great to be happy and have energy.  I wouldn’t have felt this way 49 pounds ago, so this is amazing.  I’m really content with my life at this moment.

Alright, enough rambling….Goodnight.


BTW, you can totally comment on how dumb this post was.  LOL!!!!  Sorry guys, maybe I’ll get some more inspiration tomorrow and post something interesting, we’ll see!

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One Response to Whoa…Another Post!

  1. danibabe2 says:

    Yikes…..what am I on?!? Haha!

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