Carrot Sticks and Chips (Guest Blogger!)

Hello my readers!  

Today I’m going to change it up a bit and have a guest blogger!  Basically she’s taking my task for the day since I’m having a mental block, plus I know that you can all relate to her since she has some of the same struggles that we all do.  Enough of my rambling already!  Please welcome, my first guest blogger, Miranda! 

So I’m excited!  I’ve never been asked to be a guest writer before.  And boy am I feeling the pressure.  I’m told I should write about weight loss, my struggles and other junk like that.  So what is there to say?  Let’s start with the basics….the beginning rather.  I’m 26, I have an almost 3 year old and I just had a baby in December.  I wasn’t exactly at an ideal weight when I got pregnant again so after the baby was born I wasn’t really surprised that the pounds didn’t just melt right off as easily as I put them on.  I mean sure I initially lost about 20 pounds or so but I have halted since then…right at 182.  Now I’m only 5’7” so that’s not exactly the healthiest weight for me.  Ideally I’d like to sit right around 145ish.  Although at this point I’d be happy with 160, or even 179.  Some days I see a glimpse of 179 but by lunchtime that has completely gone out the window in lieu of my set 182.  What’s the problem?  I don’t treat myself quite the way I should.  I think at times we are all a little too hard on ourselves. We are our own worst critic. Sadly I seem to be an all or nothing kinda girl.  If I eat something bad I simply through my hands up and whine about how awful I am and how terrible I look and feel.  How I’ll never lose weight and how I’ll get right back to it tomorrow….but as the old saying goes, Tomorrow Never Comes.  The next thing I know almost 3 months have passed since I had my baby and here I am.
I’ve learned a lot though recently about not being too hard on myself.  Of course, this is still a work in progress.   No one is perfect and we can’t always control everything in life.  But we can control how we react to it.  So after doing Weightwatchers (which had worked for me in the past) and SparkPeople…I came to a really important realization.  I just simply can’t track my food.  I play too many mind games with myself if I have to write down every little bite I have.  I start out tracking every day and then when I get home all my hard work goes right out the window as my lifestyle right now is just not set for me sitting down at the computer and tracking everything I ate and looking up nutritional information.  Plus it’s really boring.  There I said it.
The thing is this; I KNOW what is healthy and what is not so good.  I KNOW that if I just sit and focus more on what I put into my body and pay more attention to when I am truly hungry or when I am just bored that I will do so much better.  So I’m taking a new approach.  First I’m starting by cutting out sweets, my BIGGEST weakness.  I’ve been doing pretty darn good about it too.  And on occasion when I do have a little treat, I don’t beat myself up like I used to do.  I make a conscience choice to put the treat into my mouth and I’ve learned to savor the few bites I do have.   Of course, I usually want more but I have been managing to only have a small piece or bite or whatever the case may be.  Once I get this down completely then I’ll move onto the salty snacks…chips, fries etc.  I’m thankful that I do like healthy food, so I would like to get to the point where my body craves an apple instead of a candy bar.  Carrot sticks instead of chips.
I’ll get there one day. 
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One Response to Carrot Sticks and Chips (Guest Blogger!)

  1. Miranda says:

    Thanks for having me danielle!

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