What a tangled mess……

I can hardly keep up.  It’s so full and so crazy that it’s just a big tangled mess.

Have you ever tried running across a freeway?  A busy freeway?  Here you are just two little legs trying to dart across lanes and lanes of traffic while they are oblivious to your existence.

There is no way that you can do this easily.  You can try and try and something always manages to get in your way.  It’s inevitable that once you think you’re on track and have a plan, a semi-truck comes and ruins it.

OK, let’s regroup and refocus.

What is the objective here?  What is my point? (forget the traffic scenario now).  I’m talking about my brain lately.  It’s so full of ideas that I’m running in a million directions trying to catch all the ideas.  I barely catch an idea and get started on it before I’m so ADHD and running after another idea.  I have a billion things that I want to implement or to do, but it seems impossible because I’m either A. Too depressed and not thinking about life or B. Too full of ideas and can’t seem to focus and get things done.  I’m here then there and there then here.

I have many project ideas in my head.  Some I’ve started, some I’m still planning and some are in process.

One of these projects is editing the SlimGenics cookbook.  I see places for improvement and it’s driving me nuts.  I want to make it even better than it already is (since you all know that I love that book!) I know many of my readers are also SlimGenics members who have this book.  If you have any input, corrections or additions you’d like to see made please use the ‘Contact Me!’ button at the top of the page and let me know.  I can get those ideas submitted with mine.

It’s going to be a fun project, I just need to get focused on it and run with it without getting hit by some other idea.  Hehe!

Oh, brain you are such a mess and it’s great fun!

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