Let’s Re-evaluate….

I’m really proud of myself right now and that is a hard thing for me to admit or even feel.  Usually things just aren’t good enough for me, but tonight I’m going to take pride in not giving in.  I was in a great mood earlier today yet still having a case of the munchies.  I tried distracting and realizing that NO, I am not hungry.  I can’t believe how much my brain focused on food, especially chocolate.  It’s all I could think about despite how hard I tried.  Anyways later in the day I got REALLY cranky and just down.  I knew that I couldn’t eat off-plan food in front of my boyfriend because he is really supportive and would have said something to try to deter me and I didn’t want that, so I figured in secret that when he left I would woof down the half bag of chips that was left of his and that I’d eat some Valentine snacks that my daughter got.


What?  Really?  Was I really making a secret plan to binge on junk?


Let’s re-evaluate.  I stepped back from thinking that and went back to read my first blogs when on SlimGenics. I wanted to remember how good it felt to be eating great food and losing weight.  I know how I feel when I eat crap, it isn’t good, but yet I still have the mental block that these foods taste delicious and that I can sabotage myself by eating them.  Hmm, now that isn’t something positive, but it’s turned around.  I took an honest look at what I was feeling and looked at my options.

I realized that in my first blog post I said that my goal was to lose 50 pounds in 5 months, which would be March 10th.  Well, as of yesterday I’m only 1.25 pounds away from hitting 50 pounds lost and it’s only February 13th!  I’m about a month ahead of my original goal.  Wow!  That made me feel like I just can’t sabotage myself right now, why would I want to do that?  I can do this!

If you’ve been keeping up with me you know that I changed my goal to lose 60 pounds overall.  I’m getting SO very close since as of yesterday morning I had lost 48.75 pounds 🙂  It’s so amazing and yes I am proud of myself, despite some ups and downs.  I’m still doing it, I’m feeling great and I know you can to if you’re struggling.

I hope I can be a slight glimmer of inspiration for some of you.  It’s hard some days, but just keep pushing through and you will succeed.

Of all my options I decided that making a home cooked dinner was the best choice for me this evening.  There is a meat loaf in the oven, potatoes ready to be boiled and green beans waiting to be cooked.  It sounds like I will be 100% on-plan again today!


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One Response to Let’s Re-evaluate….

  1. Miranda says:

    Danielle, I have totally been there. Thinking to myself if no one sees me do it, it doesn’t count.

    Good for you for stepping back and realizing what you were doing was only going to hurt you.

    You should Definitely feel good about that!

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