I’ve been so good the past few days, ate everything on-plan and I go into the SlimGenics office today only to find that I gained over a pound.  Seriously?  Come on….

The counselor said it might be because I ate a Lean Cuisine Pizza, but I was told I could do that.  He just suggested that I might be retaining water because it’s higher in sodium.  So I’m chugging some extra water tonight to hope that it goes away.

I was so excited to be at my lowest weight and to be following the plan and then I gain.  LAME.  Well, I’m not discouraged, I’m on-plan again for today, which means I get to add another $5 to my clothing fund!  Yippeee

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One Response to L-A-M-E

  1. Nicolle says:

    LOVE your clothing fund idea! What a great way to reach for your goals!

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