The roller coast is now off the track……

Well as you know I’ve been up and down in weight recently.  Well, I am now completely off the track from this weekend and will be paying for it on the scale.  I must say, I did have a great weekend and enjoyed my much needed kid-free time with friends and drinks and tasty food.  Although it was all great, I know that I was off’-plan for almost all of it. *sigh*

Originally I planned to stay on track even while seeing friends, but once I started it was hard to stop.  And once I was on the fast track of delicious yet not healthy food it was hard to jump back on the track.  So here I sit wondering if it was worth it.  What I keep telling myself is to not beat myself up and know that in real life after I’m off SlimGenics I occasionally have these off days and as long as they are not too frequent I should be fine.  So, I’m learning a lesson or two.  Number one..Keep it under control by making sure it isn’t that often that I do this and number two….keep my quantity in check.  Moderation is the key.

Ok, so I woke up today and said yes I’m going to be on track today!  Well, what happens…..I eat two freaking king size candy bars.  WTF?  Seriously, get it under control.  Ok, so that happened and I’m still not completely discouraged and I’m jumping back on track.  I ate lunch and dinner on plan and I’ve been tracking my food for the day and making sure I get it all in.  I will continue to try, I am not giving up.  This is a big deal for me.  The scale shows that I’m up MANY pounds, but I haven’t thrown in the towel.  Typically I’d realize that I screwed up and just say F it, but I’m not.  I’m perusing my weight loss goal.  I can do this.  I do have confidence in myself.  I think I need to go back and read some of my first blog posts where I was super motivated.  Maybe that will give me some extra strength!

So, I’m sorry to those of you who read this and had to hear that I messed up this weekend, but I hope you read to the end and realized that just because something goes wrong doesn’t mean that you can’t right it.  Don’t lose confidence in me, but most of all don’t lose confidence in yourself.  Keep going!!!  You and I can both do this!!!!!!

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