My Rollar Coaster Ride

Well, if you read my last post on 1/31 then you knew I had lost just over 45 pounds so far.  This week I thought I had been doing well and staying on plan.  So when I went in on Wed I had lost another pound!  Then today when I weighed in I was up a pound.  So basically, I’m back to where I was 5 days ago 😦 It’s been an up and down roller coaster ride lately on the scale.

This is very disappointing to me because I wanted to see a loss, however there is a light….I didn’t eat anything “off-plan” at all this week.  I was good.  Then why the gain, right?  Well, the positive part about tracking all my food is that I have an explanation.  I realized that I ate beef on Monday, then Cottage Cheese on Tues, Beef again on Wed and Cottage cheese on Thur……..Yeaaaaah, that’s not OK because those foods have higher sodium levels and I’m supposed to spread them out.  So basically I’m chalking my weight gain to water retention, plus it’s almost that time of the month and I’m not feeling super well the past few days.  The plus side to all of this is that I don’t feel bad and I’m not beating myself up because I am proud that I was eating on plan!  I did good and I’m satisfied with that.

I just took some Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and will be drinking a cleansing tea later to try to help flush things out and get my weight loss back on track.

This weekend my daughter will be with her grandparents and I get to spend some quality time with my boyfriend.  Weekends are always a bit difficult for me, but I’m planning on staying on track this whole weekend.  I figured that if I fail to plan, then I’m planning to fail – so I’m planning out some options for this weekend to help keep me on track.  But for today, I’m just going to relax so that I get some energy back and start feeling better.

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One Response to My Rollar Coaster Ride

  1. Angie says:

    Yep, you know I’m right there with you!! I ended up only down .75 lbs this week, as I was exactly the same as Wednesday when I weighed in on Friday.

    Keep on keeping on – I’m sure yours is just water retention, like you said. I see the exact same thing – I’m very sensitive to sodium!!

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