Here’s hoping!

It’s just plain wrong…… on 1/17 I weighed in at 177.5 – fast forward ten days and I’m only down 1.5 pounds (at 176). 

I’ve been averaging over 3 pounds a week and now this, seriously?

I know that things do slow down, and I know that I haven’t been “on-plan” lately and that I’m partially to blame.  I’ve really been trying to be good this week since last week I did a 7-day plateau breaker and for one reason or another something is always going astray.

Let’s recap:

1/17 – 1/23: BioGenics Plateau Breaker, mostly followed plan, screwed up and ate “off-plan” food on two days.

Mon 1/24 & Tues 1/25 (first days back on normal plan after plateau breaker)
-Followed plan exactly!

Wed 1/19
-Went to a company lunch anticipating they’d order salad as usual and instead had pizza (Bad move……I ate two slices)

Thur 1/20
-Apparently I wasn’t thinking at clearly and ended up eating an extra protein and no starches that day.  What was I doing????

Fri 1/21
-Tried to force myself to eat everything that I was supposed to and just wasn’t hungry and skipped a veggie

Sat 1/22 (TODAY)
-Weekends are usually difficult for me, but so far I’m 100% on plan

So as you can see, I have reason that I’ve been going up and down that same pound over and over again…..I’m not following the plan.  Now, I’m not trying to modify the plan and I’m not wondering why it’s not working.  No, I know it’s not working because I’m not working it.  Bottom line being that the plan works if you follow it and I clearly haven’t been.  So here’s to getting it back together and jumping all in again.

I also started back on the herbs (I’ve been off for about 2 weeks) and I’m hoping that by sticking to the plan and using all the recommended supplements that I will start seeing good results again!  Here’s hoping!

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