My Worst Enemy

Today, I think you need to give yourself a gift.  A true gift, not something you bought, not something physical, but something amazing.  For many of you, it’s not going to be something you know how to do very well.  I know for me it’s not easy to give.  I’ve struggled gaining this gift and I’m not much closer to receiving it, but right now I need it, I need it really bad.

 For many years, I’ve never been there for myself, I’ve never been a true friend to the most important person…..ME.  I feel alone and yet I don’t comfort myself, instead I criticize and find something inevitably wrong with me.  Something is always wrong, nothing is good enough, I always need to do better.  Tonight, I need to find a true friend, the one that lies within myself.  I need to be gentle and encouraging not rude and terrorizing.  I need to give myself the gift of friendship.  I can be my best friend or my worst enemy and right now it’s the latter.

 What does being a true friend mean to you? 

 For most people it’s someone who is always there for them, someone who is supportive and encouraging, someone they can talk to and someone they can trust.  There are many other qualities, but think about these few and ask yourself, “Am I a good friend to myself?”.

 My daughter proved tonight that she had a heart and she reminded me that I do deserve to be happy.  I was at the kitchen table with tears rolling down my face and when she seen me she said “Mommy, why you sad? I make you happy!” and she ran off to get some toys to try to cheer me up.  It was that moment that I realized that I need to treat myself like she treated me or how I would treat her when she is sad.  Just think about it, when your child is hurt and crying you don’t tell them to suck it up, or that they should have done better.  No, you support them, give them kind words, comfort them and remind them that they are perfect the way they are and that you love them.  Now, being 100% honest, I’m NEVER like that to myself.  I hardly ever have kind words to encourage myself, usually it’s always negative and harsh.  My daughter then wanted to them cuddle with me and gave me a big hug.  After holding each other for a moment she looked and me and said “Mom, you happy now?  I make you happy?”  And I responded with a big hug and she really did make me feel much more at peace and I less angry.  I was still sad, but I didn’t have that mean feeling inside because I knew that she loved me.

Now, you have to be able to be this kind person to yourself, especially during this weight loss journey.  It’s difficult and mentally challenging to stick to the “plan” (whatever plan you’re on) and being harsh on yourself does not encourage and motivate you (well at least not for me).  Think about how far you’ve come so far, how much you’ve achieved.  Maybe you haven’t reached your goal yet, but that doesn’t mean what you’re doing isn’t good enough, you have to lose each individual pound in order to reach your goal, so cherish those small achievements because together it will be a big victory. 

 I believe in you!  You don’t have to be your worst enemy.

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3 Responses to My Worst Enemy

  1. Miranda says:

    great post danielle! it’s so true. learning to love yourself is the hardest thing to do…ever.

  2. Matty says:

    Plus, it’s always important to remember that you’re not alone in this journey…I’m always here for you if you need a pick-me-up, or whatever! You’re doing great and are inspiring so many people!!!


  3. Chelsea says:

    Danielle you are awesome! You do so much for so many other people, I’m glad you decided it’s YOUR turn 🙂 🙂 love you!

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