.75 Pounds

I’m only .75 pounds away from losing a total of 45 pounds!  Yipeeeee!!  I’m just starting my 15th week on the SlimGenics Program and almost at 45 pounds.  That is craaaaazy and oh so exciting.

I’m starting to try to get into a workout routine again.  So, far I’ve went twice already this week, which is more per week than I’ve been going in the past few months, so that’s a good thing.  I figure that now that I’m losing the weight I’d like to have some tone and definition to my body as well.  So with a combination of eating right and exercising I think that will do the trick!

On another note I am feeling a bond with this whole SlimGenics program and those who are also doing the program.  It’s great to find others who are on this same journey as me and to create a friendship.  I am looking forward to having a “Meet and Greet” with some of those members in the TC area soon.  I feel that I need to find more friends who I have things in common with.  That sounds like a fantastic idea to me!

P.S.  I can finally feel that I have a collar bone!!  Hehehehe 😛

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One Response to .75 Pounds

  1. Miranda says:

    Way to go Danielle!

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