Plateau Breaker

I started a 7-day Plateau Breaker this past Monday, tomorrow I will be going back to my Normal Plan 2.

I’ve had to eat a lot of protein and grapefruit this week.  It hasn’t been too bad, except I had a hard time not eating the good SlimGenics snacks, like the protein bars and chocolaty snacks.  So I did occasionally have some Mini Choc Crisps as they are only 120 calories when I was supposed to only eat snacks 100 calories or under. It’s actually quite a bit of food to get down since I wasn’t use to eating that much meat anymore and I’ve NEVER eaten so much grapefruit in my life.  Then Saturday and Sunday (today) I did a 2-day Cleaning Days.  It’s just like the beginning 3-day prep that Center Members do when they start.  I haven’t had starches for 7 days……Ok, ok, so I may have cheated a tiny bit and had some chips at a party on Friday night.

I must say although I cheated on Friday night, I did do much better than I would have Pre-SlimGenics.  I knew that they won’t have much (if anything) that I could eat, so I stopped at the grocery store and picked up some lean ground turkey and a SteamFresh bag of broccoli.  I cooked the lean ground turkey and ate that with the veggies for dinner before the party started at her house.  It was great that she understood!

This weekend was supposed to be a “date” weekend and we would be going out to eat a few times, so I went over what I could eat with my boyfriend and had him try to keep me on track.  He is so supportive, it’s great…..well besides the fact that he just ordered Dominos and I can’t eat it, but usually he’s good about keeping that “off-plan” food away from me.  Well I stayed on plan 100% this weekend and I feel pretty proud of that!  Now, I know that I need to stay on track completely the few days following this plateau breaker too, so I’m hoping I can!  I’m excited to see what (if any) loss there is on the scale tomorrow since on Saturday when I weighed in I went up a 0.25 pounds.

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