Feeling OK

So, I went through my clothes not too long ago and took out the things that were too big and I bought a few things from a thrift store.  That felt nice to have clothes that fit!  Well, now things are becoming too big again.  Even my belt is too big.  I have really noticed that I feel like slob and ugly in baggy, too big clothes.  Now, this is a good thing because I’m starting to realize that I do look OK and that when I wear clothes that flatter my body, I feel more confident.  Now, I’m not saying I’m 100% happy with everything yet, but I am starting to gain some confidence, which I say is a good step forward.

So, I think it’s time to go through my closet again and get rid of things that make me feel ugly if I put it on.  I want to feel confident with the clothes I have in my closet, knowing that I can pull anything out and feel OK in it.  Yes, I think this will be the plan for later this week!!

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