Come On…..

Nope, I have not lost 40 pounds yet.  Grrrr.  I know I need to be patient, work the program and keep going, but COME ON already!  It’s been a struggle the past week or two to not “cheat”, plus life has been stressful.  I keep trying to just jump back on the horse, however I keep falling off.  I’m taking it one day at a time.

Good news is that I’ve lose 39.5 pounds so far.  I’m so close!  Now, my original “goal” is to lose 5o pounds total, but hitting 40 pounds is a milestone and something to celebrate!

This week I’ve been going into the SG office each day to check in.  It keeps me on track a little more to have someone hold me accountable.

I don’t feel like I have anything encouraging to say today, but I wanted to write anyways just to give you a heads up where I’m at.

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