I am thankful

I’m feeling depressed and yet I know I am blessed and I’m trying really hard to be thankful and appreciate EVERYTHING that I have.  This post is not directly related to my weight loss journey, but more a reflection on my entire life.

Here is a small snippet of things I’m thankful for:

  • My beautiful daughter who I love with all my heart
  • An amazing boyfriend who is always there for me
  • A spectacular family that I’m really close to
  • A decent job that is very flexible, usually not stressful and pays the bills
  • Friends that I can count on to support me
  • Being able to take control of my body and become healthier (Thanks SlimGenics!) – As of earlier in the week I was down 35.5 pounds in about 10 weeks!
  • Having the drive to better myself and learn to deal with my depression and hardships in life (Thanks to my therapist!)
  • I’m healthy and so is my daughter (Thank God!)
  • I can walk, talk, write, see, hear, ect – things I take for granted, but they could be taken away at anytime
  • I live in a nice place and drive a good vehicle
  • The fact that I’m very mature and have dealt with a lot of bad life experiences and I’ve grown from them instead of becoming a victim
  • I have the ability to take care of myself and my girl financially
  • I am a very nice person (sometimes too nice), but I have good morals
  • My family has taught me to never give up and that’s a great lesson
  • My daughter has everything she needs and she has the best family ever to support and love her

There are SO many things (big and small) that I’m thankful for and I simply just cannot list them all right now.  I’m just reflecting on life and trying to appreciate all that I’ve been given by God and how truly blessed I am.  Depression and the Devil will not get the best of me, I will succeed.

Thank you to everyone special in my life and all the support that you give my family 🙂

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