This has been a stressful week in my personal life.  I’ve been surprised when I weighed in on Monday and Tuesday that I’m actually losing weight.  I thought that this stress would have an opposite affect, plus lately my weekly average has been going down; however I think this week will be a good week for weight loss – well not that I’ll lose a LOT of pounds, but if I loose a few, I’ll be very satisfied. (Yesterday I weighed in at 188!)

Some things in life are so unfair, so unexpected or completely unfathomable.  Lately, not only in my life, but others around me has there been some unfortunate situations.  I feel bad for others, I’m a caring person and in the past I’ve taken others stress upon myself, but I’ve come a long way, and I don’t do that so much anymore.  It’s enough to deal with my own stuff.  Sometimes life is hard, sometimes not so much, but I just hope that it all averages out to something that I can be happy about.  My life isn’t that bad, sometimes I don’t handle it well, but I’m learning new techniques.  I’m re-learning who I am, I don’t have to be the same person I was a year ago.  I want to grow and succeed and I’m doing it.  I’m really doing it.  It is a great thing.

Little by little I WILL achieve my goal(s) – not only with SG, but personally in life!

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