I was going through some pictures from Thanksgiving and realized that OMG….I don’t have as much of a double chin anymore!  I didn’t even angle my face in sorts to try to avoid the double chin effect!  I just took a normal picture and it turned out well.  I was pretty excited about this.  I always felt self conscious when taking pictures and trying to pose in such a way where the double chin wouldn’t be as visible because I knew that I couldn’t hid it completely.  But not anymore!!!  Yipeeee 😉

See double chin!!!

Also as you may have read I gained a pound yesterday and wasn’t too happy about it, however today I went in and I’m down 1.25 pounds from yesterday so that is actually makes it an overall loss this week!  So my current weight is 191.75!!  I’m excited to hit a 30 pound loss so that I can take new pictures!

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One Response to Double

  1. Becca says:

    I looked at your Thanksgiving pictures and you look amazing!

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