Yes, I had a successful Thanksgiving!  And yes, I call it a success even though I ate some “off-plan” foods.  You’re thinking, “how is it a success then”, right?  Well I did a great job despite the tempting foods, my family was very understanding and didn’t pressure me, however that pumpkin pie looked too delicious to not have a little bit.  So, I did.  I figure that I can’t 100% deprive myself during my weight-loss phase or else I may give up entirely or binge.  So, I cut myself a little slice and savored every moment while eating it.  SG has helped me enjoy food more and appreciate the flavor of things.  Previously I would have cut a giant slice and downed it without even tasting only to end up feeling hungry still afterward.  Now, I enjoy my food, taste the flavor and feel satisfied after.  It’s a great feeling to have changed an old habit.

Each time I go into the center to weigh in, I expect to see that I’ve gained weight or that I’ve stayed the same.  And each time I lose weight, it just shocks me.  It almost unbelievable for me and doesn’t feel like reality, but it is!  After Thanksgiving (on Thursday), I went to weigh in at the center on Friday expecting what I just mentioned – however to my udder shock, I lost weight!!!  Not a whole ton, but as of Friday I was down to 193.25!  I was really happy that I mostly stayed on track over the Holiday and continued to lose weight.

I have noticed that I’ve been missing food.  What I mean is that I’m not getting in everything that I’m supposed to in a day or that I don’t eat until way later than usual and it’s because I’m just not hungry.  I’m not just turning to food because I’m bored.  I’m eating when my body tells me it’s hungry.  Sometimes I do wait too long to eat and my body really starts telling me that it’s starving and that isn’t good.  I need to continue to be mindful of my body and get re-focused on the program.  Right now, I’m just skimming through, not really planning much or thinking too much about it, however I would like to find a balance where I’m not obsessed but that I’m also not paying NO attention to the program.  So, my goal is to find a good balance and a routine.

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2 Responses to Success!

  1. This is what I’m looking forward to: being able to look at dessert, cut it in half, and savor it and be satisfied. So happy you were able to achieve that!

  2. danibabe2 says:

    Dessert is a hard thing for me to not to overindulge in, but I’m working on moderation! You will get there 🙂

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