I’m half way to my goal of 50 pounds to lose!  Wow, this is amazing.  I’m can’t believe that I’ve lost 25.5 pounds so far!!  I’m down to 194 pounds.  I’m continuing to get compliments from co-workers and it feels great.

I’m headed to my parents house for the Thanksgiving Holiday, and I think that I’ll be able to stick on plan pretty easily since my family is really supportive of me.  My mom even asked me how she should prepare the food or what special things I need.  So sweet of her!

It makes me really relieved to know that I don’t have to worry about someone trying to force me to eat something off plan.  I know not everyone has as much support in their life and I know that is for sure hard.  I just hope that everyone will remember why they are doing this program and remember how far they have come to not give it all up.  Obviously, we all have days that we slip.  Yes even me!! I ended up eating a fun-size candy bar yesterday, it was good, but I ate the one and was satisfied.  That is unusual for me.  In my previous eating habits I’d eat so much junk and was ALWAYS hungry and/or wanted more junk, mostly chocolate.  Now, I’m feeling very satisfied with the amount of food I get and I don’t feel hunger.  It’s a great thing.

Well Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I wish great success to all!!!!

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