Almost halfway there!!!

Since 10/10/10, I’ve lost 24.5 pounds!!!  My end goal is to lose 50 pounds, so I’m about halfway there already!  This feels great, I feel great!

I can’t believe that I’m actually sticking to the program.  I have gained a new confidence in myself.  I didn’t know I had this kind of will power and determination (with food anyway).  It feels good to be getting compliments from other people, they are noticing, which is good because sometimes I don’t think I’ve changed at all, but that’s just a skewed perception on my part.

We had Thanksgiving dinner with my extended family this past Sunday.  I brought a fruit and veggie tray with to share.  I had some Turkey, veggies, fruit, mashed potatoes and I cheated by eating a tiny bit of green bean casserole and a few bites of pumpkin pie!  It was delicious 🙂  I tried to counteract eating these things, but drinking extra water.  I was amazed that I didn’t gain or even stay the same weight, I still went down!!!  I’m really enjoying fruits and veggies now, so I don’t really feel deprived of anything, plus the SG snacks are tasty!

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