It’s not “official” according the the SG scale because I didn’t go into the office today, however I weighed in this morning on my home scale which is fairly accurate with the SG scale and it said… (drumroll please!)….. 199.5!!!!  AHHHHH YIPEEEE!!!  I did it, I really really did it!  I made it under 200 pounds.

I sound excited, however I’m not sure how I really feel, yes I feel very proud to have made it this far yet at the same time I don’t feel much different yet.  I know I’ve changed some because my size 18 (Lane Bryant) pants were falling off me, I even had to add a few extra holes in my belt.  Finally, I went to Goodwill today to find some new pants.  I was looking for a size 16 dress pants, I found a few of a couple different sizes that looked like they might fit.  I tried them on and to my surprise I found two pairs of size 14’s that FIT ME!  OMG, a 14??  Wow.  I even found a 12 that is too small, but is a really nice pair of pants that will eventually fit so I bought them too for the future.  So, now I have two pairs of 14’s that I can wear to work without people commenting that my pants are saggy.

I made a quick collage that doesn’t start from the very beginning of SG (219.5), however it starts shortly after and goes until today.  I can see the difference in my waistline!

(P.S – the picture on the right should say 199.5 lbs NOT 299.5  LOL)

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One Response to OMG……

  1. Matt_K says:

    Dani, you are looking fabulous!!! Congrats on that big milestone!!! Keep buying those smaller clothes…they’ll be the impetus for you to keep it going! I’m so proud of what you’re accomplishing!!!!


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