Almost there……

I’m almost to my first big goal!!!!!!  I wasn’t planning on going into the SG office today, however I was too excited to weigh in.  My scale (at home) this morning said 201 (point something), I know that the scales are a bit different, but I was too excited!  I went into the office on lunch break and yesterday I weighed 204.5 – and today I was 203!!  I’m so close.  My first big goal is 199!  I can’t wait 🙂  I’m going to get a massage when I hit that goal.

Oh, AND I wore a pair of pants today that didn’t fit me before!  Well, I could get them on and button/zip them, however my fat was bulging over the sides and I couldn’t sit down and be comfortable.  I’m not sure what compelled me to put them on this morning, but I did and they fit, even when buttoned/zipped!!!

AND, today I had a male co-worker who knew nothing about my losing weight, ask me how much weight I had lost so far!  WOW, he noticed?  That made me feel amazing!  I’ve had a few compliments saying they could notice and it keeps me motivated.  I don’t feel a ton of difference, maybe a little less chub in the tummy and loose pants, but besides that I don’t feel much of a difference.  I’m sure it’ll just take time and reality setting in that I’m actually doing this.  It’s actually working!

When I hit 20 pounds lost, I will post new pictures!  Right now, there is a comparison picture under my measurements page at the very bottom of what I looked like in 2003 compared to 2009 (or click here for the picture).  My goal is to weigh less then I did in that 2003 picture!!!

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One Response to Almost there……

  1. Becca says:

    Hi Danielle! I definitely noticed you have thinned out when I saw your bowling pictures on FB recently. 🙂 Keep it up!

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