Purple Elephants

I really like the SlimGenics program, and I’m getting more comfortable with what food is on the plan and what I can have each day.  I’m also cooking meals more often and not going out as much.  The past few days though I realized that I’m not putting as much thought into the program as I did in the very beginning.  I’m also not obsessing over it as much anymore.  Although, it seems like a good thing (that I’m not constantly thinking about it), that also means I am falling short in the plan area now.  I am figuring out that I still need to put effort into this new life style and have a plan in place.  I need to make a conscious effort every day to plan ahead for the next day (or plan a few days out).

Flustered…..I felt very flustered today because of my lack of planning and preparing.  I knew that I needed food from the grocery store, however the very thought of even attempting to go there just put me into a bad mood.  I knew that if I went unprepared I would get really anxious and not know what I’m buying and either just buy a bunch of stuff that didn’t make sense or end up leaving without anything.  So, I made a decision to just go home.  I wanted to have dinner with my boyfriend since he was at home tonight, however I couldn’t have any protein since I ate both of my portions earlier in the day.  I couldn’t come up with a meal that we could all eat together and everyone could be satisfied, so I had everyone forge for themselves (well except for my 3 year old of course – she wanted cereal, as usual, so I let her).  I just had a very large salad with cucumbers, fat-free dressing, green onions and some fresh garlic (the garlic was a bad idea – TOO much).  Then I warmed up part of a left over baked potato and with some butter and put some Greek Yogurt on top of it as “sour cream”.  It was good and filling.  Later I had a brownie bar and also a broiled peach.

Yes, that is a lot of food in the evening and it’s because of my lack of planning, proving that I need to prepare ahead of time.  This will take some effort for me, however it could be fun.  I will try to put a positive spin on things and make it a positive experience.  Wish me luck!

I weighed in today and I’m having mixed feelings about it.  I did great the first week and even the second week, however now the weight loss is slowing down and I’m feeling almost like I’m failing.  I know for a fact that I didn’t do my best this weekend.  I ate a BK salad (higher sodium) and didn’t drink enough water to flush the extra out.  Then I drank some diet Sprite with vodka.  I ended up drinking more than anticipated over the span of two days and I’m sure that hindered my weight loss.  I weighed in on Friday at 205.75 and then weighed in today (Monday) at 206.  I know it’s not much of a difference, however I would have liked to see a little bit of a loss, but weekends are my downfall.  I don’t track my food as well, I didn’t plan things out, I had some off plan food and also ate some extra portions of protein a couple of times last week.  Overall, last week wasn’t a great week for my weight loss, but it was a good learning experience to know that this program does work, IF you follow it.  I can jump right back on the wagon (not that I feel completely off), but just was slacking a bit.

Tonight is a difficult night to focus so I don’t think that I’ll be able to put a plan together for tomorrow, but hopefully I can take a little time tomorrow while at work and put together a grocery list and meal plan so that I can make it to the grocery store after work.  I can do this, it’s just going to take some extra effort to continue making it work!

And Purple Elephants had nothing to do with this post as you probably realized by now, however I couldn’t think of another title!!  Thanks for reading 🙂

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One Response to Purple Elephants

  1. Matt in MN says:

    No matter what the scale says, I think you’re doing a wonderful job and you’ll achieve your goal!

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