I made another yummy meal!  I get really excited when I actually cook something AND it tastes good.  I’m not one who likes to cook, so it’s a challenge for me most days.  I was reading, yes, reading through the SG cookbook yesterday trying to plan some meals.  I ended up picking only two (and it took me forever).  So last night for dinner I made the family tacos.  I modified mine a tiny bit, but overall we all ate together as a family!  So that was my first success. (I even made the taco seasoning, I didn’t use a packaged mix because it has salt in it).  I didn’t take a picture of the meal, or else I would post it.  Sorry all.

Then for breakfast this morning I decided to make french toast.  It was delicious!
Next time, I will use less strawberry topping, but overall SUPER yummy.  And those are eggs in the picture, however the coloring is funny because I haven’t quite figured out all the setting on my camera yet (soon to be taking a photography class, hopefully).

Last week, I also made dinner for the family.  I found a chicken cacciatore (not exactly sure on the spelling), but I modified the receipe a bit and it turned out fairly well.  Everyone ate it and didn’t complain about it, so I call that a success.

I’m learning to cook more and even sort of appreciate it!

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One Response to Yummy!

  1. Matt in MN says:

    Looking delicious!

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