I want food, I’m not really hungry, I just want to taste delicious yummy bad for me food.  But I’m holding back knowing that this process is worth the end result.  I’m actually surprised that I am using willpower.  I didn’t think I had much in me (to resist food anyways).  I think a big factor is the amount of money I’ve spent so far.  I can’t waste it all for nothing or start over so I’m trudging forward and holding back knowing that I can do this.

For the past few days I’ve eaten 2 eggs for breakfast and then an egg sandwich for dinner.  I think eggs are my new favorite food!  It tastes yummy, but I’m not losing weight and I’ve worked out 5 times this week.  I wonder what’s up with that??  I need to realize that it’s not going to come off super fast.  I need to be patient, and that’s hard for me.  I like instant gratification.

I need to do some food planning.  Figure out my meals for the weekend and possibly some new options for next week.  This will help me feel more organized and less anxious about eating if I have a plan.

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One Response to FOOD

  1. Matt in MN says:

    Be careful of too many eggs in your diet….I went overboard on the eggs in the beginning and my cholesterol levels rose a little bit. They are very versitile though so I always include them in my planning. Another option is cooking up chicken or turkey breasts ahead of time and bag them up and have them ready to go?

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