I’m still doing it!

Yes, I’m still working the plan!!  This is a good accomplishment for me as I tend to give up on things quickly and get frustrated easily and I let it get the best of me.  However, I’m still here and on my journey.  As of today I am at 211 pounds.  Yes that’s up 1/2 pound, however I’m not concerned.  I haven’t been eating all the food on my plan lately as I just haven’t been hungry.  I do realize that I haven’t been eating as much as I should be and I am going to work on getting more (healthy) food in.  It’s really amazing to me that I feel full by eating good food. When all I was eating was junk, I was constantly hungry and never satisfied.  Now I am and it’s a great feeling.  My body is feeling great too.  I have more energy and just feel overall happier.  Another reason that I haven’t eaten all my food is because I just got braces yesterday and it’s painful to eat.  So, I have some sort of excuse, but then again, excuses is what got me here in the first place.  So therefore I am going to put forth a good effort in getting my life and health back.

To be honest, this has been so much easier than I ever imagined.  In the past just thinking of eating vegetables and lean protein made me dig my heels in the ground and chow down a fat greasy burger, then some ice cream, followed by some chips, ect, ect ect.  You all know what I mean.  Anyways, once I made the decision to join SlimGenics I have found it easy to follow their program.  I have only ate one small portion of mashed potatoes that was “off” the plan.  I’m not sure what clicked in my head, but something did to change my life and I’m pushing forward, I’m doing it.  I hope this motivation keeps up.  I know hard days will come.  I have a great support system that can help me push through it, but overall I need to count on myself to continue.  I can do this.  YES, I can!!!!

Last week I only worked out once and that’s because it was a CRAZY busy week and just starting SlimGenics I dedicated a lot of time to checking into their office and had a bunch of other stuff.  I know that’s no excuse for not making time, but I’m ok with it.  This week I have worked out twice and it’s only Tuesday.  I hope to do four or five times this week.  Looking at the calendar it should be possible, very possible.  I get discouraged working out and try to do the minimum to just say I did something, but I suppose that is what I can do for now and as long as I’m doing something.  There are so many things changing in my life right now and I can’t do too much at once.  So for now I will keep up the regular schedule that I’ve been following with  my workout.  No changes for this at this moment.

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