I must say this new lifestyle of mine is pure enjoyment!  I’m really feeling happy (my boyfriend commented that it’s like I’m in a euphoric state!).  It’s truly an odd feeling for me to be feeling this happy.  I’m pretty used to be depressed and just there, but for the past few days it’s been amazing.  I’m hyper, happy, energetic and overall feeling so blessed.  Granted there have been slight periods of feeling overwhelmed, anxious or down, but not nearly as much as I’m used to.  This is a great thing.  Being happy is really keeping me motivated and I’m very confident that I can continue following the SlimGenics plan and get to my goal.  It’s amazing that I’m confident and honestly know that I’m giving this a real shot.  It’s not some half-ass attempt on my part.  It’s the real deal.

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy!!!

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