Day 6:

Today is ending day 6 for me.  The first 3 days were prep and the from then on I was following the program.  I am proud to say that I went into SG this afternoon and was down 9 pounds in 6 days!  I’m so friggin’ ecstatic, it’s amazing!  I’m back to the weight that I’ve been hoovering around for awhile now so it’s not like I’m at some all time low weight (as of recent anyways), but it is feeling good to be down to 210.5.  My first goal is to be at 199 – so that I can be below 200, which hasn’t happened in a long time.  I will be really happy to reach that first goal and that will continue to keep me motivated.  I have an overall goal of 50 pounds, but I like the small goals to begin with.  I’m not sure what my reward will be for hitting 199 and I’m not sure that I will have some type of reward.  Hitting that will probably be my only reward, which in itself will feel wonderful to me.

I’ve been amazed that if I plan out my meals and my portions that I’m not hungry during the day.  I’ve even been COOKING (OMG, yes I said I’ve been cooking!) For those of you who know me, you know that I don’t like to cook – I almost would say that I despise it.  However I’ve actually kind of enjoyed it recently.  It’s fun for me to plan, record information, figured out details and just have something productive to do with my brain.  It’s really enjoyable for me.

I have a SG cookbook and have been going through it.  Many of the recipes look fairly simply and very tasty.  I found a recipe for Mock Apply Crisp and modified it a little bit and came up with this:

It was really yummy!

So cooking has been enjoyable, planning has been fun, losing weight has been motivating, people have been encouraging and it’s fantastic.  Overall I have to say that I’m feeling so blessed and ecstatic.  It’s amazing.  I honestly feel like something has changed inside of me and that I’m become a new better person.  I know it sounds corny, but I really do feel a big difference.  I want to always feel this way and be thankful for this opportunity to make a change in my life.

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